6th TIHA Hunter Show & Go 3rd Sept 2019 Mullingar Equestrian centre


TIHA has launched the official dates for their annual Hunter Show and Go at Mullingar Equestrian Centre, Co. Westmeath, Ireland. This annual event offers purchasers and sellers the unique opportunity to come together in one venue to showcase the best of Traditional Irish Hunters. Featuring over 50 pre-selected experienced hunters with traditional Irish Pedigree can be seen jumping a wide variety of fences.

New for 2019                                                                                                                   

  Due to demand, TIHA is also showcasing the Amateur TIH Competition Horse which will feature well-produced, well-ridden, multi-disciplined horses with the wonderful temperament of the TIH for the amateur riders.

The Show & Go is the ultimate buying destination for the Traditional Irish Horse. It enables buyers to view the exceptional TIH in a natural setting ridden by the producers, with the added attraction of proper facilities for buyers to try horses prior to the auction. The authentic sale has proved a huge success over the years as its sole focus continues to promote the wonderful versatility of the Traditional Irish Horse. All horses that are showcased will be auctioned. 

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