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Selling online with the Irish Horse Gateway

The TIHA has linked in with the initiative of Horse Sport Ireland, The Irish Horse Gateway which is the industry's export-led Marketing Division.  As a member of the TIHA, you will now benefit from a 25% discount.   The Irish Horse Gateway as part of its marketing strategy has an online digital platform to showcase to international and national clients horses currently available for sale in Ireland.  We recommend sellers always use multiple channels to the marketplace to ensure optimum price and visibility of their horse, young stock etc.

Start selling today
As a member of the TIHA, you will be able to place adverts on the Irish Horse Gateway at a discount of 25% for horses which have recorded pedigrees only.  You will require a code to avail of the discount please email

If you are not a member you can join the TIHA today to avail of this discount.

a showjumper and judges at an event, holding TIHA branded blankets
two judges at the Dublin Horse show smiling to the camera
a horse and rider trotting past the camera at a country show, witha TIHA branded rug

TIH Stallion Directory


Listed here are the Horse Sport Ireland (HSI) stallion lists (in PDF format) relevant to TIH breeders. The TIHA supports the HSI stallion inspection system and recommends the use of stallions that are APPROVED for breeding by HSI.

a close up detail shot of an empty saddle

It is a legal requirement that all premises where horses are kept be registered. Registration is free.

TIHA welcome this measure which is necessary for the purpose of effecting a country wide approach to equine disease management.


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White passports are still representing a very high proportion of equine registrations in Ireland which is of no benefit to the Traditional Irish Horse sector or the equine industry in general. The TIHA development strategy will promote responsible breeding of quality horses that requires fully recorded pedigree to achieve recognition within the TIH Category of the ISH studbook.

Through our development strategy, TIHA aims to educate breeders on the merits and benefits of breeding horses using the best genetics.  The scientific and market driven strategy will be focusing at all times on quality. The benefits will include a reduction in the breeding of horses of inferior quality. TIHA aims to focus the minds of breeders and producers,  building on a foundation of recorded pedigrees of merit that are fit for purpose and market so as to improve the standard of the Traditional Irish Horse.

a horse at a competition wearing a TIHA-branded rug


Through the TIHA development plan, the TIHA will be continually reviewing annual data and production numbers and sales figures.  This knowledge will help to ensure that there is no over breeding of the wrong product to contribute to welfare situations of horses of low value and with no market.   The TIHA is striving to ensure responsible market led breeding only. Through a wide range of communications platforms, the TIHA breeder will have access to a wealth of data to support and guide them to be in position to make informed commercial decisions in relation to their breeding plans  leading to better-bred horses fit for purpose and market

a horse and foal in a field on the coast


Ireland has a world-famous reputation for the production of exceptional sporting and leisure horses and ponies. From top performance to a simple lifestyle, the Irish horse can match every rider’s ability and ambition. Breeding is the largest sector in Ireland’s Sport Horse industry and there are currently over 15,000 active breeders. The current Sport Horse population in Ireland is estimated at over 135,700 animals.

Pedigree Research

Pedigree research is vital in supporting breeding decisions.  Horse Sport Ireland has an online database - IHR Online (formerly Capalloir) where you can examine and trace pedigrees.   This is an excellent tool for breeders and buyers alike to research the breeding and performance of horses. It can be used at a  pre-purchase stage, breeding planning stage or for educational & research purposes

the logo for the Irish Horse Register, linking to their website
a black and white picture of a white horse in a cross country competition, mid jump into a water hazard

Passports, Registrations & Inspections

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Contact Us

TIHA Mare Scheme

The Traditional Irish Horse Association Performance Mare Scheme opens for applications each Spring.  This scheme is designed to give financial recognition to breeders who breed from quality traditionally bred mares capable of producing top quality TIH foals with performance potential.  The scheme aims to increase the herd of quality TIH stock with performance potential which might in time and with suitable nurture, achieve success in various equestrian disciplines. Breeders will receive €300 on registration of qualifying foals. An additional outcross supplement of €200 may also be payable. 


In order to qualify for this scheme, the mare or her progeny must have competed to 1.30m Showjumping, 3* Eventing or have direct family competing at that level.  The Sire of the foal must be (a) Approved or (b) NA 1 in the Irish Sport Horse studbook. The foal produced must registered in the Irish Sport Horse Studbook and designated as a Traditional Irish Horse by Horse Sport Ireland.  


Interested breeders should submit details of qualifying mares to the TIHA via For further information on conditions of entry visit the TIHA Facebook page or contact

a traditional irish horse mare in front of TIHA branded signage, with three breeders
the horse, Portlaoise Modern Times, mid jump in an arena

Portlaoise Modern Times

At the TIHA Performance Championships in September 2022 Portlaoise Modern Time ISH (TIH) won the class for 3 & 4 year old fillies. She also won TIH prize at the HSI Loose Jumping in Tubberbride in Autumn 2022. Bred by John Kerr & David Molloy, this filly is by Portlaoise First Tuch out of Royella (Ballinvella).  This filly is from the direct dam line of the Approved Stallion Clover Flush ISH (TIH) who show jumped to 1.60m. 

the horse, Portlaoise Coffeebean, mid jump in an arena

Portlaoise Coffeebean

At the HSI Loose Jumping Competition in Kernans in Autumn 2022 another graduate Portlaoise Coffeebean ISH (TIH) was the highest placed TIH. This 2019 born fillly is by Portlaoise First Tuch out of the Cruising sired dam Roadstown Cruise and bred by David Molloy. This fillies damline is rich in performance including her half siblings 4* Event Horse Fernhill Dreamaway ISH & 145cm Showjumper Roadstown Lord ISH.

TIHA Mare Scheme Graduates

In 2022 some top-quality graduates of the TIHA Performance Mare Scheme come to the fore when two exceptional three year old fillies were successful in loose-jumping competition. 

Photo credits: Jumpinaction Photography

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