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TIHA Newsletter - Winter 2013

  1.  Established a new National association – The Traditional Irish Horse Association

  2. Set up a web site and face book site – providing a platform for the promotion of traditional Irish Breeding and celebrating the successes of those performing on Irish Horses

  3. Established a TIHA National Locator with a view to compiling a data base of producers & breeders of traditionally bred animals

  4. Successfully organised a series of regional meetings around the country

  5. Awarded sashes to the highest placed traditionally bred Irish horses at Tattersalls International Eventing Championships- Highlighting their success

  6. Series of meetings with HSI and the Department of Agriculture in order to secure the recognition and clear identification of traditionally bred animals in the Irish Passport

  7. Press Launch in Adare, Co. Limerick to announce the successful outcome of the above negotiations and the T.I.H.A.’s Programme of Events for 2013

  8. Actively involved in the election of David Mc Cann and the re-election of Pat Mc Carthy to the Breeding Sub-Board of HSI

  9. Took a stand at the RDS to further promote the Irish Horse

  10. Organised displays in the RDS to promote, demonstrate and explain the importance and the value to the Irish economy of the traditionally bred horse

  11. A Festival of Traditional Irish Breeding at Limerick Show – introduced several new classes for young horses, for performance horses and a stallion parade - all of which were very well supported and appreciated by the breeders & owners

  12. Secured a slot in the Goresbridge Horse Sales for Traditionally bred foals, the latter were pre-selected by TIHA selectors who travelled around Ireland to inspect and select the foals for the sale

  13. In an attempt to promote and market the progeny of traditionally bred animals, the TIHA organised the Hunter Show & Go. This involved the inspection (in excess of 80 animals presented) and subsequent selection of 45 Quality traditionally bred hunters. These animals were given the opportunity to perform over typical Irish cross country fences, where they could be viewed with ease by potential buyers. Invitations were issued to foreign and Irish buyers by the TIHA to attend the Show & Go. Buyers were delighted to avail of this unique opportunity and turned up in large numbers to support this initiative. Thanks to HSI who backed this event and allowed the foreign buyers avail of the inward buyers programme. Accommodation was sourced locally for our foreign guests who supported the venture

  14. Constant presence in the media, papers etc. throughout the year

  15. Seen membership numbers continue to grow and the profile of Traditional Breeding gain increased recognition and acceptance

  16. Organised a stand at Punchestown Equus Event to further promote the Traditionally Bred

  17. In the process of organising an Auction of Stallion Nominations as a source of much needed funding for the Association. The Stallion Nomination Auction is up and running. Please support this fundraiser in any way you can. All details are on the website. If you wish to make any suggestions/proposals to the TIHA National Council please feel free to do so, as we value your ideas and your input. Suggestions/proposals should be submitted to any member of the National Council or returned with your membership renewal of €25 to Mr Jim Cooke at Legan, Louisburgh, Co Mayo on or before January 8th. 2014. The National Council will be meeting in January 2014 to draft a five year plan and to discuss in detail the way forward for the TIHA. We do realise that we have a long road ahead of us and no doubt many more fences to jump before we restore the Traditional Irish Horse to its’ rightful place , but with your help and support it can be done. The TIHA will be holding its’ Annual General Meeting on Sunday February 16th 2014 in the Hudson Bay Hotel, Athlone at 2pm. We look forward to meeting you there. May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year, Hugh Leonard, Chairman , TIHA.

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