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TIHA Newsletter - Winter 2014

January 2015

A RED LETTER YEAR for the TIH Dear Member, 2014 was a very busy year for the TIHA Council. We are delighted to report that we have made huge progress in advancing the aims of the Association. A considerable amount of time has been spent working behind the scenes, as well as in Public. This is largely due to the voluntary efforts of a great many people, particularly the tireless energy of your Chairman Hugh Leonard aided by your National Council, who have given their time and put their hands far into their own pockets on your behalf.   This work will only continue if you renew your subscription and play your own part to bringing in new members and sponsorship to support the activities of your Association. Renewal facilities are now available on-line.


Official Recognition of the TIH in the Irish Sport Horse Studbook. Although still a work in progress over the details, an impressive turnout at the IHB AGM passed motions to establish that: ALL foals registered as ISH which also meet the Traditional criteria, will be automatically registered as such. Traditionally-bred horses will be managed and developed as a specific sub-section of the ISH register. HSI will continue to work back through the data-base of the register to identify live horses and their ancestors, particularly females. As well as on the Passports, identification as being in the TIH sub-group will be added to the ISH breed designation on all HSI publications, publicity, including electronic media (such as Capalloir).

TIHA Think-Tank in Kilkenny Jan 2014. A great cross section of breeders, producers and people generally involved in the industry were invited to attend a meeting to discuss topics such as breeding, production, marketing, promotion, problems facing traditionally bred animals and possible solutions to the afore mentioned. The results of this ‘Think Tank’ provided the basis for the TIHA submission to the strategic planning board.

TIHA’s contribution to National Strategic Plan (“Reaching New Heights”) The Council spent many long nights preparing a substantial and wide-ranging submission as befits the role of the TIH in the Irish Sport Horse Industry. This document was submitted to the strategic planning board on your behalf.  You will be aware from the press that an edition of the Plan was submitted to Minister Coveney shortly before Christmas. The Council is pleased that many of our suggestions appeared to be reflected in the presentation made at Teagasc, Grange, before the plan went to the Minister.   The good news is that TIH has been given official recognition in the Plan. The bad news is that there would appear to be a potentially divisive and retrograde interpretation of the PURPOSE and Market for the TIH as set down in the plan’s breeding goals. Of course the Plan is not officially published as yet, so hopefully there is time to correct a couple of potential controversies.   This is sure to be a hot topic at the AGM .

The TIHA National Locator We continued to host a web site and face book site – providing a platform for the promotion of traditional Irish breeding and celebrating the successes of those performing on TIH. The development this year was to established the ‘ TIH National Locator ‘ with a view to compiling a data base of breeders & producers of traditionally bred animals. Enclosed please find a consent form for you to complete and return giving us your permission to put up your details on our web site advertising your yard as a place to source traditionally bred animals in Ireland. The idea of the ‘locator’ is that it is a point of contact for buyers who wish to source traditionally bred animals in Ireland. Go to the TIHA website and click on DIRECTORY on the headline title bar or follow:

Promoting Traditional Breeding: Mighty work continued throughout 2015:

  1. Four members of the council travelled to Peterborough Hound Show in July 2014 for a very successful marketing and promotional trip, where TIHA had a stand. We were delighted and enthused by the level of interest and demand for traditionally bred animals in the UK.

  2. Organised two displays at the RDS to promote, demonstrate and explain the importance and value of the traditionally bred horse.

  3. Secured a slot for traditionally bred foals at Cavan Sales, pre-selected by TIHA selectors .

  4. A Traditional Mare and Foal Championship was organized by the Connacht Branch with a 1000 euro prize fund. Our thanks to the Louisburgh Show Committee for hosting this very well supported event.

  5. Awarded presentations to the breeder of ‘Bay My Hero’ Bryan Mc Guire and buyer/producer Katie Jerram at the RDS

  6. Constant presence in the media, papers etc. throughout the year. Thanks to our Media friends.

Festival of Traditional Irish Breeding at Limerick Show 2014 introduced several new classes for young horses, performance classes and a stallion parade – all of which were very well supported and appreciated by breeders and owners.

T.I.H.A. “Show and Go” This promotion and market of traditionally bred animals, goes from strength to strength.

  1. In 2014, Two selection centres were used - Barnadown Equestrian Centre and Scarteen.

  2. In excess of 90 animals presented leading to selection of 45 High Quality traditionally-bred hunters. These performed over typical cross country fences where they were viewed with ease by big crowd of potential buyers: A massive credit to the work put in by the organising team.

  3. Thanks to H.S.I. who supported this venture by allowing the buyers to avail of the inward buyers programme, accommodation was sourced locally for our foreign guests.

  4. As a result of this event , very valuable contacts have been established with foreign buyers in particular. (Hence the need for the locator!)

  5. Many new members joined on the day, especially from overseas, who recognise and support the need for our Association

Stallion Nomination Auction:

  1. Connacht Chairman Kevin Noone  organised a very successful auction of Stallion nominations in 2014. This raised substantial and much needed funds for the association. Many thanks to Stallion Owners who supported this venture and got great publicity for Traditional Sires in the process.

  2. Kevin’s 2015 version is out of the start gate  NB Closing BIDS by end of FEBRUARY 2015.

  3. See our website for details

SJI Gifted Points

  1. We are very pleased that, following very strong representations from the TIHA, the SJI has agreed to stop the practice of gifting points to imported show jumpers unless they have the necessary paper trail of proven performance. Reported abuses of the system were causing potentially unfair competition for a number of breeder members. Your National Council will be keeping a close watch on how this is implemented. Our thanks to Seamus Healy for alerting us to this situation.

Summary: No doubt you are aware that all work carried out in TIHA is done so on a voluntary basis. We need more specialists: PLEASE, If you have any spare time and expertise in areas such as social media, marketing etc., a small amount of expert help will do great things to hit the goals for the year ahead. We would greatly welcome your support. It is vital that we continue to grow our membership – from a financial point of view but also with a view to establishing a strong and influential association. We strongly appeal to you not only renew your own membership but to try and encourage new members to join. Membership Renewal facilities are now available on-line. Alternatively, €25 membership can be posted to: Mr. Jim Cooke, Treasurer, Legan, Louisburgh, Co. Mayo. (Please include your details for the ‘Locator’, if you wish to avail of this facility) Finally, If you wish to make any suggestions / proposals to the TIHA National Council, please feel free to do so, as we value your ideas and opinions. The TIHA AGM WILL TAKE PLACE IN   THE HORSE & JOCKEY,

  1. TIPPERARY ON SUNDAY FEBRUARY 8TH 2015 2PM. We look forward to meeting you there. May I take this opportunity to wish you good health & happiness for 2015 and to thank you for your continued support. Joan Bateman Secretary T.I.H.A.

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